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Homeland Security: The Sworn Duty of Public Officials

Homeland Security: The Sworn Duty of Public Officials     The United States has a unique position amongst the countries of the world;...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Minor Updates to "Homeland Security: The Sworn Duty of Public Officials"

I have included some minor updates to this post on the social media site, Steemit.


These changes include some pictures of extremist groups and some personal notes that weren't applicable to the school assignment which formed the basis of the post.

Also included, a pic of H. Clinton being led off in handcuffs by an FBI agent, an arrest that should have been made long ago.  The FBI simply did not adhere to their sworn oath.

Monday, January 9, 2017

A fictional break from study

I took some time off to complete a story I started long ago.  My Western adventure (adult themes)

I have been working on fiction more than on study lately, but I will be releasing an updated version of my thesis, The Effects Of Hoover's Bureaucratic Tactics On COINTELPRO Operations: A Comparison Between NEW LEFT and WHITE HATE, on Amazon in the next two weeks.