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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

After the first month

I am running an A in this course at the moment.  It is an accelerated course( the quarter will be done in 2 more weeks instead of 6 more), and the grading weight for spelling and grammar is light...which is why I'm holding onto an A ;>

I can see some definite improvement from the first paper to the fourth.  My prof has been very helpful in pointing out the areas I tend to screw up, and I finally broke down and got an APA style guide; which requires some study in itself.

I'm not seeing a lot of difference between undergraduate work and graduate so far, other then the two items I'm about to mention.  Primarily, I'm actually working at it this time around.  I found college to be a joke, and drank more then I studied.  The other thing is that grad school is requiring a lot more reading and writing; and surprisingly I find that I am enjoying the writing.

I have done a fair amount of writing over the last twenty years; political rants, technical procedures, some TV production, and I've hacked away at some novel material.  I am not going to claim to be writing a book at this time ;>

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