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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cleanup on all aisles

I haven't posted lately, although there is a whole course worth of material to go up.  I have been considering whether to go back and clean up the papers I have written.  The stated purpose of this site was to maintain a reference site for myself as far as writings and sources.  But I also have started thinking about using the site as a showcase for the papers.  Right now I wouldn't want to do that as there are plenty of spelling areas, some papers lack any sort of coherent conclusions, and some papers lost all formatting when I copied them into Blogger.  So I think that I am going to (over a long period of time).  This means that I will not be leaving the exact papers up that I submitted for my coursework.

As far as having the site up for my own reference, that has worked very well for me.  Instead of having to drill down through a series of folders and open several files with technical course names to look for an idea or source I have used before, I can search through the site and scan several papers (including notes) for the material I am looking for.  I do need to rename some posts, I believe, and add some additional labels to be able to sort things more efficiently.

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