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Friday, April 1, 2016

Course Note

A good portion of the Applied Professional Project was in writing and rewriting the project.  This was a 10 page paper, as opposed to the thesis I had been expecting to write.  The project became the base for the following paper:
The Effects Of Hoover's Bureaucratic Tactics On COINTELPRO Operations: A Comparison Between NEW LEFT and WHITE HATE 

It would be rather spammy for me to post the same material over and over again, so I will only post versions which are significantly different from the final version.

For example, the paper which I had turned in at this point of time in the course had very similar introductory material, but I proposed a much different paper, summarized below.

Political Differences in COINTELPRO Operations

Organization of the Study
            Chapter One discusses the background and the formation of the central question; did politics affect COINTELPRO operations to the point o
            Chapter Two will be a review of  the literature concerning  COINTELPRO operations.  The critical point in this literature review is to develop the themes generated by these researchers.    In addition, Chapter Two will define the Operational Definition of Terms that this thesis uses.
            Chapter Three will discuss the origination and history of the FBI, focusing on the political influence that traditionally directed the activities of the FBI.
            Chapter Four may not ultimately define what subversion is, or is not, but will seek to answer the question, “What is a legitimate domestic threat?”.
            Chapter Five will define how the Ku Klux Klan was a legitimate domestic threat
            Chapter Six will define how the New Left was a legitimate domestic threat
            Chapter Seven will be a comparison of COINTELPRO operations between those targeted at the Klan, and those targeted at the New Left
            Chapter Eight will be a comparative analysis incorporating all element of the thesis
            Chapter Nine will be a limited discussion of  topics that are beyond the scope of the thesis, but that are relevant to the effects of COINTELPRO.  Chapter Nine will also raise further questions to research.
            Chapter Ten will conclude the thesis.  A review of the critical points will be made.


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