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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ACJS 2015 Meeting @ Orlando

I attended the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Meeting at the beginning of March. It was a great convention, and I was able to meet the Department Chair for Criminal Justice for my school in person, which is nice to be able to do in an on line program. I did not attend all the seminars I had intended to do, nor did I attend the social functions, nor did I seek out folks I intended to talk to about PHD programs. I had missed too much sleep in the week previous to the meeting; compounded by a really bad trip to Orlando, and further compounded that the most important seminars (to me) were always scheduled about two hours before I wanted to wake up ;>

On the other hand, the convention was packed full of good knowledge, the hotel was beautiful, I squeezed in a trip to Disney World, and I had the second best meal of my life, so I would say that overall the trip was an 8 on the 10 scale. I should feel guiltier about not making the best of my networking opportunities, but I will be presenting a paper at the ASC meeting this November, so I will have to make up for it then.

I know that there is a shortage of PHD's in the Criminal Justice field, so I should have expected that there would also be a shortage of MS's as well; I won't say I was offered any jobs, but I was strongly encouraged to look at teaching opportunities by more than one school rep once I have completed the Masters.

(Regarding the meal, I had the bison ribs and a lobster bisque at the Venetian Restaurant at the Caribe Royale. The tiramasu for dessert was the best I have ever had. The best meal I ever had was at a Japanese restaurant at the Disney hotel at Disney Land in LA. Both meals have been in conjunction with a Disney trip...correlation does not equal causation, but I will hypothesize that proximity to Disney Parks increases median of restaurant quality. This needs to be tested....I wonder if there is a grant available!)

3/4/2014 Student Engagement Through Networking (74)
3/4/2014 Broadening Focus on Terrorism: The Role of Finance, Economics, and Organized Crime (102)
3/4/2014 Assessing and Responding to Domestic Terrorism in the United States (129)
3/5/2014 Building Your Scholarship Record: Tips on How to Navigate the Publishing World (213)
3/5/2014 Quality of Onine Graduate Programs
3/6/2014 Thinking Outside the Box: Using Situational Approaches to Understand Unique Crime Situations (432)
3/6/2014 Macro and Micro Applications of Criminological Theory (434)
3/7/2014 advice on how to successfully navigate graduate school and academia (463)
3/7/2014 Responding to Terrorism in a Global Environment (482)

Poster Presentations
The Far Left: Homegrown Terrorism in the 1970's (37)
Law Enforcement Fatalities: a 23-year Descriptive Analysis (43)
Serving Those Who Served: Military Veterans in Criminal Justice Majors (84)
Law Enforcement and the Use of Social Media: Managing a New Communication Device (153)

I will be writing up summaries of these as time permits.

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